28 octobre 2009

18 Choses de Emilie Lund

One Year : 2009. it..s a good year this year :)
One Hero : My grandfather. he was crazy in a very sain way.
One City : Falun
One Movie : Revolutionary road.
One Book (novel or Comic) : The hitchikers guide to the galaxy.
One Event : playnight at my friends house last weekend!
One Great name of history : Jesus
One Memory : my mum singing me lullabies in latvian
One Object : my guitar
One Meal or Dish : sushi!
One Quality : compassion
One Smell : rain in the summer
One Sound : the sound of peace
One Dream : to have a farm with horses and growing ecological vegetables.
One Sport team or Sportsman : can..t think of anyone. not a fan of sports.
One Website : www.aaahh-records.net
One Band or Singer : Nicolai Dunger
One Album : rösten och herren
One Music Label : aaahh-records
One Wish : to feel complete within.

(octobre 2009)
Emilie Lund a sorti en 2009 Emilie Lund EP sur le label www.aaahh-records.net

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